Russo-Ukrainian conflicts

Fondation René Cassin, drapeau conflit Conflits Russo-Ukrainien

Since February 24, 2022, the world has entered a new era.
Russia’s premeditated aggression against Ukraine has led to a war
between two founding states of the United Nations, two participating states of the
OSCE, two member states of the Council of Europe, two states parties to the
the European Convention on Human Rights.

This fratricidal war is a violation of the principles of the established international order
in 1945, starting with the prohibition of the use of force against sovereign equality,
the political independence and territorial integrity of another state, as well as the principle of
peaceful settlement of disputes.
But it is also a question of challenging the foundations of justice and peace in
the world”, the maintenance of which is essentially based on a genuine political regime
(and) on a common understanding and respect for human rights.
as the Preamble of the European Convention on Human Rights reminds us.
the man of 1950.
The military escalation, with the risk of a rise to extremes, has already had very heavy consequences.
consequences, with its violations of international humanitarian law and its crimes
war crimes, even crimes against humanity, while the civilian population and the
displaced persons are paying a very heavy price.
Following the example of the United Nations General Assembly with its resolution of March 2
2022 and the Council of Europe with the decision of the Committee of Ministers of the same
day, as well as the European Court of Human Rights which has just pronounced itself
on precautionary measures, international organizations have reacted with firmness
to denounce the armed aggression, demand an immediate cease-fire and facilitate access
of humanitarian aid. The International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court
are also entered. Many actors of the civil society have mobilized to
show their solidarity with the Ukrainian people and organize the reception of the refugees in
within the European Union.

The René Cassin Foundation must, for its part, reaffirm that a lasting peace cannot be achieved without

can only be established on the basis of respect for the right of peoples to self-determination
and the guarantee of human rights for all.

This is the profound meaning of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. More than
The mission of the René Cassin Foundation is to remind people “that the lack of knowledge
and contempt for human rights have led to acts of barbarism that outrage the
consciousness of humanity and that the advent of a world where human beings will be
free to speak and believe, free from terror and misery, was proclaimed as
the highest aspiration of man”.
The generation of René Cassin affirmed in the middle of the cold war, with determination,
lucidity and courage, this ideal of the international community, after two wars
world. It is the challenge of our generations to keep it alive, in Europe as in the rest of the world.
the world, through human rights education and training, by putting the right
in the service of peace.

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